SYPartners is a design strategy firm and consultancy aiming for greatness through transformative design. The projects and clients at SYP are quite diverse, and the work is often very vision and purpose focused, challenging both teams and clients to constantly collaborate with one another. 


At SYPartners, I was a designer working at the intersection of culture, business and brand to help leading innovative companies redesign and re-imagine their futures. From collaborating with Kaiser Permanente CEO, Bernard Tyson, to Laurene Powell Jobs, projects I worked on were often mission-driven, helping leadership grow and evolve culture.
Google Industrial Design Team
Adobe Creative Cloud Team
Kaiser Permanente Leadership
Laurene Powell Jobs

Culminating a multi-year long engagement with Kaiser Permanente’s CEO and leadership on how to rethink and reimagine healthcare in America, this leadership summit was designed to help immerse the top 300 leaders at Kaiser Permanente on a shared agenda for the company. The environmental design was laid out for top-level employees to walk through the space and read about leadership’s perspective on how Kaiser Permanete could show up in different facet’s of their patient’s lives.

Tasks: Environment Design, Typography Layout, App Design, Printed Collateral, Image Editing, Art Direction

This app was created to work alongside the environmental design. Each of the top 300 leaders at Kaiser downloaded the app prior to entering the space, and as they walked through the gallery, they could listen to different audio recordings of patients recounting how Kaiser Permanente impacted their lives personally.​​​​​​​

At the end of the event, leadership was divided into different groups to discuss their thoughts and reactions to the content of the gallery, encouraging lively discussion through design thinking and candid discourse.

Some process sketches below:

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