I’ve always been drawn to the blue and orange color palette of New York sports teams, such the New York Knicks and the New York Mets. Pulling visual inspiration from those sport franchises, in addition to other sources of influence, like New York firefighter uniforms and the Netherlands soccer team jerseys, I set out to design a product that celebrates this iconic visual sports language. ​​​​​​​


The NYFD Rolltop is a compact, durable backpack that pays homage to the blue and orange color schemes of NY sports teams. The bag features a waterproof canvas body, dyed black leather patches, baby blue wool felt padded straps, and reflective tape accents that allow the wearer to be visible at night. The reflective tape accenting was inspired by firefighter uniforms and safety vests. 

Visual mood board (design language, color palette, material combinations, sports influence, product inspiration, tone & aesthetic)

- Waterproof Dry-Waxed Canvas
- Black Leather
- Neon Orange Spacer Mesh
- Slide-Release Buckles
- Elastic Black Trim
- Reflective Tape
- White Parachute Cord
- Black Edge Paint
- Yellow Polyester Industrial Thread
- Velcro
- Seat-Belt Webbing
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