"Have any of you ever gotten a sunburn before?", I asked our audience of 100+ students, professors and investors at my team's final presentation at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Every single person raised their hand.

Despite common understanding that you must reapply sunscreen to prevent yourself from getting burned, people still regularly forget to reapply, resulting in various degrees of skin damage. 


My team of material engineers, electrical engineers, MBAs, dermatologist, and industrial designers designed a modular eyewear stem that detects and absorbs UV exposure. Set to a threshold based upon the user’s skin type, the stem will notify the user to reapply sunscreen through a vibrating notification.


This was a collaborative project with MIT students at the MIT Sloan School of Management. The challenge was to be able to design a pair of sunglasses that could house all the necessary electrical components. Our goal was to design frames that are optimized for the beach and outdoor sports, with thick frames that seamlessly incorporate our wearable technology. 
Form Explorations: Designing a fat, thick stem to house all of the electrical components while still looking slick and ergonomic.
Working Prototype

First alpha prototype with an initial modular stem to demonstrate how components will fit and work inside.
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