I am very interested in the collaboration between functionality and performance with street-style aesthetics and sports culture.

To explore this, I wanted to see how I could combine my intricate sketchbook ink patterns with my footwear designs. After looking into manufacturing processes like CNC milling and digital embroidering, I landed on laser cutting and laser engraving to create my designs.


The Ink Design Runner is a seamless one-piece, handcrafted leather uppers with laser-engraved patterning. The natural materials ensure that the shoe is breathable and lightweight, and that the leather will mold to the wearer's foot over time.

Creativity is often sparked by boredom, and when I get bored,
I like to draw detail-rich patterns. 

Doodling intricate patterns in my pocket sketchbook is a very cathartic and meditative activity for me. The designs are never planned out, and I let the forms of each shape inform and dictate one another. This is a very "stream of consciousness" process, where I let spontaneity of imperfections guide the designs.
_Inspiration: Product & Material Design

Below is a moodboard collection of leather molded products and footwear designs that I used for creative inspiration, especially when it came to color and pattern making.
_Inspiration: Nendo

I was really drawn to studio nendo's explorations into the natural wear of leather with suntan patterns. The mark making and patterning was a great source for inspiration when diving into how I would apply my own patterns into leather. 

From Symmetry to Asymmetry 

Feeling that my initial design explorations were too rigid and symmetrical, I started to overlay ink patterns over the upper silhouette. Embracing asymmetry, randomness and dynamic movement allowed for more playfulness when deciding upon a final design.  

Prototyping different stitching methods for both structural connections and aesthetic detailing. 

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